John Hopkin
Quality Assurance Manager
Severn River Crossing Plc

John Hopkin with Anemometer

John with the anemometer from the old Severn Bridge which has kindly been donated to Coastwatch Rhossili, by the Severn River Crossing Plc.

This Cup Anemometer Generator has been replaced by smaller and more up to date equipment. Anemometers are just part of a sophisticated monitoring system placed throughout the bridge measuring wind speed, temperature, humidity and before long, wind chill.

All these measurements are required to ensure the safety of traffic and people working on the bridge as well as the effects of the elements on the structure itself.

Coastwatch Rhossili now has the challenge of utilising this rugged anemometer for wind speed measurement at the lookout. In such an exposed, salty and windy location the current equipment failed to stand up to the conditions.

The 4.4kg (9.9lbs) I.M.124 CUP GENERATOR ANEMOMETER MARK 2 (manufactured by R. W. Munro Ltd. London N11) is basically a generator with the output voltage proportionate to wind speed.

The easy bit should be measuring the voltage, whilst the challenging bit will be calibrating it.

Not to mention having a mast to attach to the 2" B.S.P.F. x 1 1/8" thread in the base of the anemometer.

Watch this space!