If you can hold your head on high when all about you are in a haze
And lowering theirs, blaming the New Year phase,
If you can sit astride the Worm ‘til the witching hour and hold your gaze
And then, look west with keen eye, above, below, lengthways,
If you can wait and not be tired of waiting
Or even sixty seconds worth of scanning, survey,
A fillip of light, flecks scattered across the boundless black
And muse the infinite, fathomless way
Ponder, reflect our frail power and be humble when coming back,
Then you’ll be someone with greater wisdom to display.

Screen shot of the sky looking west from Worms Head on 01 January 2009 0001hrs. using the Open Source free program Stellarium.

01 January 2009 00:01 hrs.