One of our newer members, John Kavanagh, recently visited one of the NCI lookouts near Falmouth. The station, near the village of Rosevine is situated south of Trewithian. Originally he was searching for the Nare Point station. However the GPS would only come up with The Nare Hotel as a way-point. Stopping there for a welcome glass of wine, the staff were very helpful with directions, once it was established that it was not the local nuclear bunker he was searching for.

The station is situated on a promontory between two popular tourist beaches, which in summertime become quite an attraction for families. John by coincidence met with John Morgan, the station Training Officer, who happened to be walking his dog in the area. John Morgan explained that there are recruitment problems for this station and, with only twenty-two members, it is only possible to man the lookout three or four days a week. The adjacent shipping lanes are very busy, and on one day earlier this year seventy four vessels were recorded in view at one time!

The NCI are in discussions with the National Trust at present with a view to providing toilet facilities for staff. Power to the station is supplied via several small solar panels. Photographs of the station show that although the area available is quite limited it is well equipped. In summer a keen eye is kept on tourists with inflatables and small boats, which has necessitated alerting the Coastguard on a number of occasions. As well as a very busy shipping lane, there are also many small craft using this stretch of sea throughout the year.