A lifeboat crew helped rescue a damaged racing yacht, which got into difficulty off the Gower coast on Sunday [07 March 2010].

The 20ft transatlantic yacht had a damaged mast and a rope around its propeller when it got into difficulty, five miles off Worms Head at 0400 GMT.

Two members of Mumbles lifeboat went aboard and took control from the skipper, who had mild exposure.

"The skipper had done everything he should have done." said lifeboat second coxswain Rob Tovey.

The emergency started in sub zero temperatures.

Crew member Glyn Allen, who went aboard the yacht, said: "It was a long trip down to the Worm, nearly an hour and by the time we got there the tide had turned against the 40 knot winds so it was getting quite choppy."

"We took control of the boat as the skipper was very tired and suffering from mild exposure. He'd done a great job of securing the damaged mast which made it much easier for us to take him in tow."

It took four hours to reach Swansea marina.

Mr Tovey added that the yacht skipper had lashed the rigging and put on a lifejacket before calling the coastguard.

 Report by the BBC 07 March 2010

Note this incident was not during the hours of NCI Worms Head watches and the NCI were not involved in anyway.