During the last week of January Torchwood came to Rhossili.  Filming was on for an episode in the new series.  People, vehicles, cameras, support crews, swarmed in - the vehicles from the far end of the beach, over the dunes at Llangennith.  A hydraulic lift was deployed, a quadbike ran the errands.  On the beach a 4x4 was pursued by a helicopter, with the the film crew in another helicopter keeping pace with the action.  Odd bits and pieces of helicopter, doors and debris, were lying about - presumably waiting to simulate the fallout from a crash.  A hole was started on the beach, initially dug by hand but latterly, when it was  realised how long it would take, by a small mechanical digger.  Gas cylinders were buried and ignited in series.   The Old Rectory was suddenly looking decidedly decrepit and unlike its pristine self:  its usually immaculate white paint had been muddied, house and outbuildings merged into the background of the Warren.  Its good windows had been removed and fake ones put in, prior to the whole building being 'blown up'.  As with all filming there were long periods of inactivity with lots of people milling about waiting for the next action sequence but the glamour of the occasion was inescapable.  Can't wait to see the finished result on television!