Elvira Hinton presents the cheque to Station Manager Geoff LeamonElvira Hinton was 90 on Easter Day [Sunday 8th. April 2012]. She had a large party in Rhossili Village Hall, 83 people - family and friends from all over the world. She has lived in Rhossili for all of her 90 years.

Instead of presents she suggested that people should make subscriptions to two charities: a local hospice and the National Coast Watch Institution. Her family have a long tradition of service with the coastguard. Two brothers, Leslie and Douglas, served with the Rhossili Rescue Company and, in addition to their long-service medals, were awarded medals and a shield for taking part in the rescue of all but one of the crew of the Roche Castle, driven ashore in heavy seas and fog and wrecked below Paviland Cliffs in 1937.

Nowadays she is comforted by the thought that her grandson, Paul Greening, who has fished locally for 25 years, now joined by her great-grandson Daniel, is watched from the old coastguard lookout by members of the National Coastwatch Institution. His boat, the Sheperton, white with an orange superstructure, is one of only three boats to be moored in Oxwich Bay, except during the winter when it is berthed in the Marina. He fishes regularly around Worms Head.

The collection from the party on behalf of NCI raised £177.58!