Dog Over Cliff

Dog over cliff thanks for helpOne unsettled day during the summer of 2012, two people arrived at the lookout enquiring after their dog. Their clothes were soaking but they said it wasn't the weather: they had been swimming out from the beach under the cliffs (!) in hope of seeing their dog, Mary.

Walking out from the gate to the cliffs they had stopped to look at the view, when there had been a sudden deluge of rain. When they collected themselves, they looked around for their dog. There was no sign. Had she fallen over the cliff or just run off?

They had hunted along the top of the cliffs and had enquired at the lookout earlier in the day. Now they were hoping that we had some news. No news, but the cliff patrol was just due so it was decided to cover the area back to the gate. On the way, to the alarm of the watchkeeper, the couple were describing the ever-more precarious positions which they had 'gone down to' or 'looked over from' without success.

When the group reached the gate the searchers decided to go down to the beach for a last look – the tide was now falling and more of the beach exposed. They were lent binoculars (on the agreement that they dropped them in afterwards at The Worm's Head Hotel). They returned to the beach and with the aid of the binoculars they caught sight of the dog's red harness, the dog herself was invisible against the cliff. She was on a ledge just accessible by scrambling. There was a joyous reunion with a wet, bedraggled and very frightened Mary.

There were various lessons to be learnt from this: the dog should have been on a lead; it is very dangerous to swim out under the cliffs; and nobody should ever try climbing down or peering too far over the cliffs from the top. But it was a successful result nonetheless.

And how nice to receive thanks from the owners.