NCI Worms Head Gower Show 2013Marian Pots and Paul Stableforth at the 2013 Gower Show.

The Gower Show was a wet disaster really.  Entry fees were down by more than half and miserable animals, never mind the Sea Cadets, were sent home early.   Though the poor little kids in the riding events slogged around for ages in the pouring rain and the birds of prey display (they were on the next pitch to us with a canopy which had to be emptied out every few minutes as it was weighed down with rain) was only put on just  before things started packing up in the late afternoon.   Thankfully our gazebo had been in place since Friday evening, so we had shelter of a sort. But sincere thanks to those who braved the elements:  David Evans, of course, the main man; Mike Relph who even stayed to help us down with the gazebo, putting his departure on a now sliding car park in question; and Paul Stableforth and Marian Potts who came in spite of having had the option not to bother!   There were patches when it didn't rain but when it did it fell in torrents.   Such a disappointment for the organisers and all the people who spend the year really preparing for the event.  But we enjoyed ourselves as usual in spite of the wet.