Neil Dishington, a watchkeeper at NCI Bass Point, got in touch with the Watchkeeper team following publication of the Winter 2012 edition. He told us what happened when he read the story about the new management team at NCI Worm's Head. Neil said:

NCI Watchkeeper Issue 21 Summer 2013What a pleasant surprise I got when recently read the Watchkeeper (Issue 19). I was reading an article on NCI Worm's Head when a name jumped out at me.

I had lost touch with George Mobbs over 40 years ago and then suddenly there he was! We were Deck Cadets in the Merchant Navy and first met at the School Of Navigation at Warsash where we did pre-sea training.

We then both joined our first Union Castle Line ship in London and were on her for over seven months. Union Castle Line then sent us packing to different ships within the company for further training and experience. When we had accumulated enough sea time it was to Liverpool in 1969 that we both went, to study for our Second Mate's Foreign-Going Ticket.

We parted company at this point and went our different ways, never dreaming that 40 years or more later we would both be NCI watchkeepers, George at Worm's Head on the Gower and myself at Bass Point in Cornwall.

The [black and white] photograph shows the two of us running a Tombola in Mombasa in 1965. We were on a cadet ship at the time with eight other aspiring young sea captains!

I have now spoken to George and we are thinking of meeting up, perhaps at each other's station.

On a personal note, when we were choosing a name for our son I took one look at him and said to my wife 'I think we have a George here!' This was because some of my best mates were called George. I related this to George because he had never known about this till now.