A Minor Injuries Centre?
One might be forgiven sometimes for thinking that the NCI station at Worm's Head was just such a centre. The role that the station undertakes in monitoring marine traffic or checking on visitors crossing to Worm's Head, and then, when necessary, engaging with Search and Rescue agencies when serious incidents occur, is well understood, but there are many occasions when help is provided to members of the public by watchkeepers in much less dramatic circumstances.

For example, over the recent Easter Bank Holiday no less than three people had cause to seek NCI first aid assistance.

One person had slipped on the Causeway and required minor first aid for cuts and scratches.

A lady who had a badly sprained ankle had to be helped to the NCI station, given pain killers and then taken with her husband back to the Rhossili car park.

Finally a second lady who had also fallen on the Causeway and badly injured her shoulder was given painkillers.  The injury was sufficiently serious that a decision was taken that a visit to the local Accident and Emergency Unit was required. However the casualty and her husband were strangers to the area and the tortuous twenty five mile journey to Morriston Hospital would have been a significant challenge. It was the end of the watch and the problem was solved when one of the duty watchkeepers volunteered to drive his car to the hospital followed by the couple in their car. 

These three events are not exceptional for since the station opened in 2007, watchkeepers have given first aid assistance to members of the public on roughly sixty occasions, emphasising the service that the NCI station provides to the public over and above its more obvious role as part of UK Search and Rescue.