4th. July 1935

Fourteen members of a party of twenty-seven from Llanelly had a thrilling experience at Worm's Head, Rhosilly, on Tuesday night when they were cut off by the tide and marooned on the Head for over eight hours. They belonged to Park Congregational Church Choir and were participating in the choir annual outing. Having reached Rhosilly at about 4 o'clock, the party dispersed, a section scrambling over the rock on the Head. The latter were joined by two visitors from Walsall, who were on their holidays, the number of the party being thus increased to sixteen. Their safety at the time was not endangered but time slipped by and they did not observe the incoming tide until it was too late to retreat, the route back to the mainland having become completely obliterated by the sea. Being ignorant of the dangerous currents which lurk around the rock, the four men in the party attempted to cross with the view of bringing back a rescue party to their companions. Wading out until they were waste deep, they got in to difficulties and, abandoning the attempt, returned to the Head. Meanwhile, the other section of the Choir became anxious about their safety, and after making investigations discovered that they were marooned, but found themselves powerless to reach them. Dusk fell, and still there were no signs of the marooned excursionists returning. However, as it became dark, fires could be seen on the Head, and those on the mainland replied to these by lighting huge bonfires to signal that they new of their friends' plight. So it went on until 1.0 a.m. , when the tide receded sufficiently to enable the party to make their way back to their friends. They had attempted another crossing about midnight, but after wading through the ebbing tide for some distance they found that the water was becoming deeper and they were submerged up to their shoulders. They had to beat a hasty retreat back to the Head, where they dried their clothes in front of the fires they had kindled. After their return to the mainland, the party were taken to the Worm's Head Hotel, where they were provided with a meal. It was past 3.30 on Wednesday morning when the complete Llanelly party were able to return home after a memorable outing.