For two evenings at the end of last month [September 2008] Reynoldston Village Hall became part of war time France. Not just any part, but that Cafe made famous in the television series "Allo Allo".

Gower Players entertained the audience first with a meal of Coq au Vin followed by Tarte au Pommes and then with an extremely successful  "Home Grown" version of the antics of Rene Artois, the cafe owner and the entire cast of the original series.

Gower Players suggested that we might like to run a raffle between the end of the meal and the beginning of the stage show.

Hugh Phillips, the Gower Butcher, The King Arthur Hotel, the Langrove Health Club and Dryad Bushcraft, along with an anonymous donor, all sponsored  prizes.

The result, thanks to the generosity of the audience on both nights, was a remarkable addition to our funds of £649