NCI Worms Head Multi Tasking!

For a number of years Pennard Golf Club has supported a variety of charities chosen by the Men's Captain and the Ladies' Captain. This year the charities chosen were  NCI Worms Head and Shelter (Cymru).

The club runs a number of fund raising events throughout the year but by far the biggest of these is a team golf competition played over the Pennard Course, and this year the event took place on 8th May. Thirty five teams, each consisting of four players, competed over the Pennard Course which not only features in the “Top One Hundred Courses in the UK” but which Planet Golf, an American production, rates as one of the top one hundred courses outside of the United States.

For the competitors, the course is hard enough in benign conditions but on the day there was a strong wind gusting to force eight [approx. 50mph] blowing in from the South East.  At three hundred feet above sea level and right on the coast above Three Cliffs, there is no shelter so conditions were tough. Fortunately the rain stayed away and the competitors although windswept had an enjoyable day. Prizes went to the four teams whose scores were lowest over the day. Prizes also went to of individuals for the longest drive at the first hole and for those whose shots landed nearest to the flag on four of the courses five short holes.

After their ordeal on the course the competitors were treated to a good meal provided by the club's catering staff.

The organisation of the event started several months ago and, as the day of the competition approached, the pace increased. There was clearly a need for a number of pairs of hands to ensure that the day went smoothly. It was a case of NCI Worms Head to the rescue. Fifteen volunteers were on hand covering the period from eight in the morning until eight thirty in the evening. They handled a whole variety of tasks and all were carried out smoothly and efficiently. There is no doubt that without them the day at Pennard would not have been so successful.

Not only did the volunteers display consummate skill in multi tasking at the Golf Club but at the very same time their colleagues in the Look Out were handling an incident involving the Cliff Rescue team and the Air Ambulance. Can there be greater testimony to the commitment and skills of the team?!!

On a serious note, the two Captains at Pennard have asked me to say thank you to the NCI Volunteers for the part they played in making the day a success and I am delighted to be able to do this.

Just so that they don't get away with it entirely there are a few photographs depicting the team in less than stressed mode!

Pennard Golf Club Entrance

Entrance to Pennard Golf Club with the Coastwatch display.

Charity Helpers

Charity helpers L-R Peter Lewis (Coastwatch), Debbie (Shelter Cymru) and Barrie Swinnerton (Coastwatch).