2 August 2009:   The Gower Show

By the time we got on to the ground the whole area was chewed up by the setting-up of larger stands during the rain of the day before (see above) and the arrival of the big beasts in the early morning of the show.   One horsebox was so dug in the mud that two tractors working in unison couldn't pull it out.   The day itself was lovely.   Our stand was between the RNLI and St John Ambulance.   We trampled an area more or less flat so that people could visit and during the morning we had a cheerful number of visitors and enquiries.   The afternoon was quieter, with exciting events in the main rings (dogs, birds of prey, horse jumping and so on) drawing the crowds, but visitors still came and we were able to arrange transport – by the St John Ambulance of course - for an exhausted disabled man who had come to rest in one of our chairs.