Friends of Highfield Caravan Park present NCI Worm's Head with £1000. (L-R Sharon Craig, Ian Craig and Ted Richard)Last evening [08 October 2011] Marie and I were invited to Port Eynon village hall by the residents and friends of Highfield Caravan Site who were holding their end of summer party. I am delighted to tell you that during the evening their charity fund raiser Mrs. Sharon Craig presented me with the superb donation to our funds of one thousand pounds.

The donation came with the stipulation that the money was to be used exclusively by the volunteers at Worms Head as we feel fit to enhance the station's ability to assist in helping to protect life at sea and along the coast at Worms Head.

The group were vociferous in their thanks to us all at NCI for "all the good work we do throughout the year" Mrs. Craig explained that the money had been raised during the summer at a variety of fund raising events which included sponsored bike rides, raft races and picnics etc.

I replied expressing our sincere thanks to all concerned with the promise that the money would be used wisely and to very good effect at Worms Head Station.