01 July 2009  and a member of the public spotted photographing a close up of the wall outside the hut. Not a usual occurance nor an altogether obvious pass time. Perhaps it was the heat,  perfect summer day 27°C and light winds from the east. Watch-keepers Robert Denley and Robert Ephgrave investigated.

Fortunately the heat had not got to Mike from Kenilworth but he had found a lizard soaking up the sun on the wall by the flag pole. Highly delighted, he was snapping away with his brand new Sony camera. Mike has promised to send us his photos but in the mean time here are some taken by Robert Ephgrave.

It would appear that the lizard is:

The viviparous lizard or common lizard (Zootoca vivipara, formerly Lacerta vivipara) a Eurasian lizard. It lives farther north than any other reptile species.

For the full information see the Wikipedia entry.