Puffins at Worm's Head

The following was sent to us by Mark Hipkin County Recorder for Birds in West Glamorgan.

I was at Worm's Head on Wednesday this week [25 June 2014]. The purpose of my visit was to meet up with a friend before heading out to the Outer Head to look for Puffins. While I was waiting for my my mate to arrive at the lookout hut one of your friendly colleagues asked me what I was hoping to see. To his surprise I mentioned Puffins and I was politely told that you don't get them in these parts. It is a less well known fact that in the height of summer Puffins are attracted to the sea around Worm's Head mainly due to the presence of the Guillemot and Razorbill breeding colony. The Puffins don't breed here but nevertheless non-breeding individuals and pairs do mix in with the activities of the commoner auks. They can sometimes be found mixed in with the rafts of auks on the sea close to the breeding ledges but, at other times they can remain fairly distant and require a keen eye and telescope to find them. It would be very unusual to see them on the Outer Head itself. On the day we were there it took us about 2 hrs before we found 2 together (probably a non-breeding pair) but sadly they remained distant for most of the time. As luck would have it a single bird did come a little closer while associating loosely with some Guillemots under the breeding ledges. I attach a photo of this bird but the quality of shot is not great. However, it's another example of one of the delights to be found at this stunning location.

One of the watchers gave me a card with a link to your website and asked if I would send in any photos that I managed. The one attached is the best I have and in truth could be from anywhere in the world, but in fact it is a Puffin at Worm's Head on Wednesday. Please feel free to use it if you want. I'll keep this card safe and if I see and photograph any other things of interest in the future from that area I'll send it on to you.

Many thanks to Mark for sharing this sighting with us and please do, one and all, send us anything of interest.

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