Dartford Warbler Horton 2006Dartford Warbler Horton 2006
 The Dartford Warbler is the only British resident warbler and over recent years (milder winters) they have gradually been moving north from the south coast of England, particularly Dorset (Arne). During the severe winter of 1962/63 they were almost wiped out in the UK.

Dartford Warbler 19 December 2005Dartford Warbler 19 December 2005The first reported observation on Gower was in 2001 but since then they have spread along the south Gower coastline in particular and have nested in a number of places including below the NCI lookout at Worms Head, Rhossili Down, Tears Point, Mewslade, Ramsgrove, Paviland, Horton and other locations on route to Mumbles. They are still quite rare in North Wales.

This superb close up photo was taken by Barry Stewart whilst ringing birds in Nitten field in Middleton, Gower.