A walk on the Worm is a memorable experience and is to be recommended. The experienced walker would wisely be prepared for all eventualities. This article hopefully will encourage the reader to venture across theCauseway having some idea of the terrain that will be met on thejourney to the Outer Head.

NCI members at the “Lookout” are able to give a reliable indication of the causeway opening times. With a window of about five hours and an approximate time to get from the hut to the top of the Outer Head of 90 minutes there is plenty of time to enjoy the view and return safely.

Walk over the Worm 01

Walking the footpath to the Causeway and then over the edge the walker meets the first obstacle. A rock scramble for the first few yards is extended if the causeway is just clearing.

Walk over the Worm 02

Closer to the Inner Head the walking requires that a route is carefully chosen to avoid wet feet. Not difficult but care is required.

Walk over the Worm 03

There is a footpath to follow around the Eastern side of the Inner Head though some hardier types will choose the sporting route straight over the top!

Walk over the Worm 04

Arriving on the Southern side of the Inner Head the next phase of the walk beckons. Here is a 100 Metre section walking on the upturned limestone folds. Tricky but manageable for the sure of foot.

Walk over the Worm 05

Having reached the Southern side of this obstacle the walking becomes much more straightforward once the Devil’s Bridge has been crossed.

Walk over the Worm 06

Once passed this point another section where a careful choice of route is required before arriving within sight of the final objective.

Walk over the Worm 07


Walk over the Worm 08


Walk over the Worm 09

The final assault on the outer Head. Not difficult here but there are no hand rails!

Walk over the Worm 10


Walk over the Worm 11

Twenty feet to go and a sensible choice of foot and hand holds required. Remember, the way up is the way down!

Walk over the Worm 12

The view back towards the hut is worth the effort.

Now check the time!
You have to get back.