Sospan Dau dredger

Sospan Dau berthed at Pwll 05 February 2008

Suction Dredger
Size: 71m x 14m x 2.8m
Tonnage: 1414gt, 2134dwt
Built: Dec 1978

Currently deep water dredging at North Outer Bristol Channel Sands (NOBel) between Gower and Lundy

This type of dredger trails a suction pipe along the seabed while moving forward at speeds of 1 to 3 knots. The draghead creates shallow furrows 1-2m in width on the seabed. In sandy sediments the draghead removes approximately 0.2 to 0.3m of material each time it passes over the seabed. The sediment is pumped directly from the seabed into a hopper on the dredger where it is stored before being transported to shore.